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Our organization has acquired a distinctive position by manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Peanuts, Pulses, Spices, Grit & Flour. Our range includes Ground Spices, Pulses, Corn Flakes, HPS Groundnut Seeds and Rice Flakes. In addition, we offer Roasted Gram, Corn Flour, Rice Grit & Flour, Blended Spices.


Our Spices and other products are fully organic. Those are produced without the use of artificial chemicals.


Our Herbs and spices not only taste amazing, they each bring their own natural properties. 


All ingredients are grown only with the use of natural fertilizers, without a trace of chemicals pesticides.


By working with people in multiple regions, Ashwmegh Industries Pvt. Ltd. learns what works – and makes it better. We share what we know so that people become better at growing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, investing and inventing. Ashwmegh Industries Pvt. Ltd. consults at all levels of the industry. As a global actor and thinker, we help turn peanuts and tree nuts into valuable knowledge, useful ingredients and business revenue as quickly as possible. We are more than a handshake or a promise.

And just as we have influenced the peanut industry with world-class practices, Ashwmegh Industries Pvt. Ltd. is making an impact on tree nuts. We are taking our trusted methods of making the peanut supply chain efficient, safe and secure to tree nut markets around the world. Because we participate, observe and advise all parts of the supply chain, Ashwmegh Industries Pvt. Ltd. delivers credible information to the industries we serve. Businesses turn to us for expertise on operations, applications, food safety and innovation. Because people expect more of us, we deliver more. Our relationships are enduring, our expertise is trusted and our presence is inspiring. At Ashwmegh Industries Pvt. Ltd., we grow success the best way we know how: from the ground up.

Health and Nutrition

Peanuts is Heart Association, are a great-tasting protein powerhouse. Research shows that the fat, protein and fiber in peanuts may provide versatile nutrition, increase lifespan and help with weight maintenance when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

We Deliver the best

We the manufacturing and supplying of a wide variety of flour & Grit. Owing to premium quality, natural taste, alluring aroma and high nutritional value, theses are widely used in processing different types of food. These are immensely used in various MNCs for preparing snacks. Our infrastructure is well divided into various segments and is facilitated with modern machinery and technology.

Optimizing the use of the machines and techniques we ensure minimal human intervention in the process. Further, we rigorously test the products on various parameters to ensure their high quality standards. Apart from quality, providing timely delivery is also another forte of our organization. We have maintained cordial relations with our clients through our ethical business practices and flexible approach. Our virtuous efforts have enabled us to be associated with some industry leading names such as Pepsi Co, Bikaner, Halidram, Bikaji, Badshah Bikaner, SSG and DFM.

Our organization has acquired a distinctive position by manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Peanuts, Pulses, Grit & Flour. Our range includes Corn Flakes, Ragi Flakes, HPS Groundnut Seeds and Rice Flakes. In addition, we offer Roasted Gram, Corn Flour, Rice Grit & Flour. These are stringently tested both internally and externally to ensure zero impurities and high quality standard.We have also an Internal Laboratory of Microbiology.

Superior Technology

Our seasonings, blends and dusting food flavors are a result of intelligent working of our R&D team. Our people in the technology team have developed techniques which produce quality driven, value added and customer oriented products. We have been catering to our existing customers and also in the process of adding more and more customers by continuous improvement in our quality and supply channel.

We are believe in quality and service. We have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the food industry by continuously delivering for more than two and a half decade now. We have a state-of-the-art food manufacturing and distribution chain working day and night to cater to the needs of our customer.


Owing to these factors, we are able to outwit our counterparts in the business. We have emerged as a technology oriented supplier of a complete range of spice products. We strive to acquire a commendable place in export markets as well.

"We strive to be one of the world's best spice making and processing company. We diligently focus on unadulterated, healthy & hygienic spice products for our consumers. We will attempt to bring a formidable level of satisfaction to our consumers. We are dedicated to expanding our presence throughout the country & worldwide as we have forayed into export market with a determination to make a hallmark of Indian spices which is famous since thousand of years . We intend to accomplish this feat by developing an exclusive chain of retail shops of healthy and tasty spices across the world.

We reckon that our moral responsibility in terms of health and the environment towards entire society and mankind. That is one of the reasons we don't indulge in any unscrupulous activities and achieve our objectives through professional means.

Our magnificent and genuine spices, some of which was already famous and used in India since many centuries ago, are the most important ingredients for many international cuisines and products. Spices that are so vital for millions of people, deserve the best treatment during production.So we procure spices which are grown through organic ways and later processed very gently .With the confidence of authenticity & purity of our product , we are sure we will win laurels in international marketing too. "