Magic Kurkure

Adds flavor to your Kurkure, Magic Masala is the first ever fortified taste enhancer that makes your everyday dry vegetables tastier. It is a unique melange of aromatic roasted spices, fortified with Iron, Vitamin A, and Iodine.

Tangy Tomato Kurkure

Tangy Tomato Masala for Kurkure are properly prepared under guidance of expert chef team. This Masala is ideal for Kurkure that are famous snack among all age group. It is made by using high quality chilly powder, dried tomato powder, black pepper powder and salt. It gives a tangy and delicious taste to Kurkure and make them ready to enjoy with tea. Offered Tangy Tomato Masala for Kurkure is safely packed in air tight plastic pouch to ensure its freshness.

Mint Kurkure

Mint Kurkure Masala is a blend of Indian food ingredients like pudina leaves, Mango powder(Amchoor), white & black salt, green chilli powder, sugar, etc. This masala has an excellent flavor of pudina(Mint) & its aroma is really pleasant. This masala is widely used in Kurkure & other snacks for adding an excellent flavor of pudina(Mint). Low moisture content used in the masala which makes it safe to use for a long time.

Chatax Kurkure

Our pure and fresh quality of Chatax Masala is hygienically prepared under controlled temperature to ensure its accurate taste. Offered seasoning has perfect blend of spices such as chaat masala, red chilly powder, black pepper, black salt and plain slat. It is ideal for sticks and imparts a delectable and hot flavor to them. Due to its pungent flavor, it adds a finger-licking taste to any snack. Store this Masala Munch Seasoning For Sticks in dry and air tight container to ensure its freshness.

Tadhe Madhe Kurkure

Tadhe Madhe as no two sticks are alike! Made from dal, corn and rice, this spindle-shaped snack has a unique texture which gives it a delicious crunch. Take one bite of this masala tadka flavour and you won't just stop at one. It will keep making you Eat Phir Repeat, on loop.

Taka Tak Kurkure

Taka tak is a really awesome snack.. These are the most preferred  at Watcing Movie Time. Takatak kurkure finely handpicked potatoes naturally infused with masala. Takatak kurkure loaded with delicious and yummy flaviours.

Magickok Kurkure

It is best to be used for preparing Magickok Kurkure as it is a prefect blend of Indian spices. It can be sprinkled on any type of Kurkure to add its taste.