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With an extensive quality control program we leave no stone unturned to maintain the food grade standard.

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Black Gram

Packed with lots of fibre, the chana helps bring down cholesterol levels and keeps the heart functioning well. Chana is good for diabetics as well; it has a low glycaemic index and the complex carbs, fibre, and protein prevent your blood glucose levels from oscillating. Thus, it helps steady your blood sugar levels.



Green Peas

Dried Green Peas are the mature rounded seeds enclosed in the pods or fruits of the plant Pisum sativum. They have a vibrant green color, a sweet taste and flavor. Dehydrated green peas are mature peas from which most of the moisture has been removed.


Must Have

Masoor Talai

Nutritionally rich in protein, iron and fibre Naturally tasty and healthy Obtains a rich, creamy texture on cooking Used in preparation of hearty masoor tadka etc


Diet Special

Rice Flakes

Rice flakes are small, very light, about 2mm long, flat and greyish white in colour. They have uneven edges and a rough texture. Rice flakes have no particular aroma and a bland gentle taste. Depending on the method of cooking, they can be soft or crunchy. The flakes are capable of absorbing a large volume of liquid when used in various recipes, and hence imbibe flavors well. They are very popular in Asian cooking.



Moong Dal Talai

Usually moong dal is consumed when someone is ill or if someone's stomach is not well, but moong dal should always be consumed like other lentils. There are many benefits of its intake. Moong Dal reduces stains on our face and dark circles under the eyes.



White Sesame seeds, popularly known as 'Til' in Hindi. Sesame is used in all of our homes. Usually in sweet things! During the winter, it tastes very good with jaggery. Sesame contains mono-saturated fatty acids that reduce cholesterol in the body. It is also very beneficial for heart related diseases.



Kabuli Chana

Iron is also present in Kabuli gram, so it is not a problem of blood loss by including it in your food. The potassium in Kabuli chana i.e. white gram keeps the blood pressure under control.


Must Have


Murmura is used in various breakfast cereals as well as snacks. It is the base ingredient for various street foods all over India, especially the popular chaat item Bhel Puri. It can be combined innovatively with unique combinations of vegetables, fruits, savouries, dry fruits and sauces, to make healthy snacks.